So, there I was… walking home late one evening from the corner store, where I was picking up milk and bread. I decided to take a short-cut down a dark and foggy alley. What could possibly go wrong? Well, dog-gonnit, I got jumped by a band of marauding ninjas!

mean ninjas

Sure, I take a couple of them out with my jug of milk, but there were just too many, and that loaf of sourdough just wasn’t inflicting the damage I needed! The next thing I know, I’m in a cloud of smoke getting pulled to safety, by the “Dark Knight” himself!

batman fighting

Wow! Thanks Batman, but I totally had that under control! Can I repay you with a glass of Vitamin D? Where does he get those wonderful toys? Well, it turns out that the real-life “Lucious Fox” behind those wonderful toys, is no other than a marauding pack of BYU engineering students! Check out the video of the Bat-Hook in Action
These students are answering the call to enable armed forces operatives to scale a 90 foot wall with a simple device. It looks like it’s straight out of the comic books, but this design is really unique. With its “captured bullet” design, it attaches to the barrel of a rifle enabling it to be launched without special equipment!   Watch the number-one Lakers fan ask: “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”
    Bonus Content for Curious Scrollers: Batman scaling a "wall"  batman_grappling_hook-lg
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Adam Beck

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