Watch 1000 Mousetraps Set Off in 4 Seconds on a Trampoline

In the same amount of time it takes The Slow Mo Guys to set off 1000 mousetraps on a trampoline, you could have a CAD digital 3D part download.

Cinematographers Gavin Free and Dan Gruchey are originally from the UK and have a passion for filming bizarre endeavors with their $125,000 slow motion camera in 4k. For this video, they decided to take their slow-mo to the next level by putting 1000 mousetraps on a trampoline and having Dan jump onto the trampoline to set them off.

Watch 1000 Mousetraps Set Off in 4 Seconds on a TrampolineAs you can see the mousetraps all went off in a matter of seconds when Dan’s body came in contact with the trampoline. The force of Dan’s body and the elasticity of the trampoline caused all 1,000 mousetraps to cave in creating the motion needed for each trap to snap, starting from the outside and working their way in.

Neither of them could have predicted the way the traps were going to snap, especially when viewing the traps in real time. In real time it looked like all the traps went off simultaneously, but when viewing the slow motion footage we get a look at the chain reaction of the traps, first starting from the outside of the trampoline and then working their way to the center.

To set this stunt up it took Gavin and Dan 4 hours. That’s 4 hours of work for only 4 seconds of real time video footage.

Even though all of this work to set up a 4-second stunt worked for The Slow Mo Guys, this doesn’t have to be you. As you can probably recall, before CAD downloads and eCatalogs it often took engineers several hours to receive the drawings of a specific part. Something that used to take several hours now only take 5 seconds with the CADENAS PARTsolutions eCATALOG and digital CAD download software.


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