2015 Engineering Design Efficiency Report Reveals Engineers Waste 59 Days Per Year

Survey Report of Engineers Reveals Insights into the Daily Lives and Pain-points of Designers


Cincinnati, OH – April 08, 2015 – CADENAS PARTsolutions, known for their Strategic Part Management (SPM) software suite called PARTsolutions, has recently surveyed of hundreds of engineers from more than 500 companies with the goal of discovering hidden pain points in their daily routines. The data reveals how engineering firms and manufacturers are wasting costly engineering time by not properly managing standard and supplier parts.

59 Days Wasted Searching For and Recreating Standard and Supplier Parts

Among the most revealing discoveries in the report, CADENAS PARTsolutions asked engineers two questions, which illustrate a major source of lost time for engineering teams.

Engineers were asked:
“How much time do you spend, on average per day, recreating standard or supplier parts?”


“On average how much time, per day, do you spend searching for standard or supplier parts?”

3D Supplier Parts: Engineers Waste 59 working Days Per Year Searching for and Recreating Supplier Parts


The engineers revealed that, combined, they each lose 1.82 hours a day searching for or recreating supplier parts in their design systems. This adds to 59 working days per engineer, per year, lost to non-value added tasks.

Engineering Design Efficiency Report Highlights:

  • Hidden time wasters in the engineering process.
  • Tasks that slow down speed to market.
  • Common challenges of multi-cad environments.
  • How much time engineering teams spend searching and recreating existing parts.

Many engineering departments have addressed these organizational issues by implementing PARTsolutions Strategic Part Management or SPM, which enables engineering teams to find and source standard parts in a much more efficient way, reducing waste, saving time and money on design projects.

“These surveys are a great way for us to have a dialogue with the engineers, and provide them a forum to speak about to the issues they face on a daily basis,” says Tim Thomas, CEO of CADENAS PARTsolutions. “Since we published the report we had two very common responses. The engineers are relieved they are not alone, this is a common problem, spending so much time on these needless tasks. On the other end of the spectrum, the managers and executives are shocked; they cannot believe that almost 20% of their engineering time is lost hunting for or recreating supplier parts in their design applications.”

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