Engineering The Wolverine – Building Real Adamantium Claws – Man At Arms

Grizzly blacksmith, armorer and all-around bad-dude Tony Swatton (aka “Man-At-Arms”) is up to the Wolverine challenge.

You know when you’re trying to make yourself some cheese and crackers for a nice afternoon snack, but it’s taking way too long to cut each slice of cheese, one-at-a time? You’re like, “Jeez, if only I had some Adamantium claws like Wolverine, I’d be slicing this tasty colby-jack like 3 times faster!”

Or, how about when you have that annoying itch right in the middle of your back, and you just can’t seem to reach it, no matter what? You yell, “I’d do anything to have three 12” stainless steel razor claws on my arm to reach this pesky mosquito bite!”


Fret-not, cheese-loving friends with itches! Your requests have been heard loud-and-clear! Grizzly blacksmith, armorer and all-around bad-dude; Tony Swatton, also known as “Man-At-Arms,” is up to the Wolverine challenge. Tony usually builds armor, weapons and props for movies. Now, he’s putting his skills to the test, creating fully functioning and sharpened stainless steel “Wolverine” claws.

Check out Tony building and testing these claws (aka destroying stuff)

Who is the Wolverine?

New Movie “The Wolverine”

Check out the Wolverine's costumes though the years!


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