The Mythbusters Welcome us to the Glass Age

This Cool Video by Corning Shows Us Just How Much We Need Glass

Everyone knows the Mythbusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Together they have more than ten seasons of a show based upon testing myths, tales and internet legends. They push products to the limits every day, and tests often result some sort of spectacular explosion. They have built a reputation as independent scientists, who speak one language: results. They are firm believers in the scientific method, which is probably why they have partnered with so many businesses to prove if their products live up to their billing.

Owens Corning have some pretty cool products, and to their point, they’re becoming more ubiquitous and important by the day. Glass has become the wheel, bronze or iron of our age. Sure information is king but you can’t hardly consume any info without glass.


The Mythbusters Welcome us to the Glass Age


This isn’t the first time the Mythbusters have worked with a business to help test, develop or promote their products. By the way…did we mention that Mythbuster, Jamie Hyneman is a research and development consultant with one of our favorite partners, Bimba Mfg? Expect very big things from that collaboration.

Back to the glass video. Watch the Mythbusters discuss the glass age, how different types of glass are produced and some of the super-cool new variants Corning is producing to meet some very specialized applications.

Video #2 is even cooler – just wait ’till he clips the tail on the compression hardened glass. Amazing!

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