Tailored Industrial Content Marketing: 9 Marketing Must Haves for Manufacturers

industrial content marketing

Industrial Marketing expert, Achinta Mitra, Chief Content Creator and owner of Industrial Marketing Today, takes a look at the need for tailored industrial marketing content to help leads travel through each stage of your sales funnel.

Industrial Content Marketing — Different Strokes for Different Folks

By: Achinta Mitra

Any industrial content marketing strategy that is based on “one size fits all” content is likely to fail. That statement may seem like an over generalization but I have seen it happen one too many times to ignore.

industrial content marketing

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Sure, there are many common types of content assets used by manufacturers and industrial companies but how they are used, who uses them and at what stage of their buying journey make all the difference. And that’s the main thrust of this post.

9 must-have content marketing assets that persuade industrial buyers to take action

There are content marketing assets that are unique to industrial marketing. I call them must haves because they can be tied directly to RFQs. For many manufacturers, that is the primary measure of a qualified lead.

  1. Online product configurators
  2. “How to Order” part number builders
  3. Parametric part number search applications
  4. Valve sizing programs
  5. Online maintenance data management, tracking legacy installations and managing spare parts inventory
  6. 2D CAD Drawings and 3D CAD Models
  7. Online interactive and real-time design tools
  8. Cross reference guides
  9. Evaluation and engineering kits

industrial content marketing

Not every content asset from the above list is applicable to all manufacturers and industrial companies. Most are best suited for industrial component manufacturers that are targeting design engineers. This group of people doesn’t score high on your typical BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) method of scoring leads because their role is that of a “specifier.” However, the component manufacturer is not going to get to the RFQ unless and until its component or part is designed in or specified by the engineer. In other words, specifiers are the key decision makers even though they are not functional buyers.

A part is ultimately purchased 77% of the time a CAD file is downloaded according to the 2013 Engineering Survey Results released by CADENAS PARTsolutions.

2013 Engineering Survey

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