System Seals Launch Online Product Catalog of Sealing Systems, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions

OEM and Aftermarket Seal Manufacturer Launches All New eCatalog Solution, Providing Digital Part Downloads to their Customers


Cincinnati, OH – August 17, 2015 – System Seals has launched their all-new online product catalog complete with 3D product configurator and native CAD downloads, powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions. By providing online access to rich product data and online CAD downloads, System Seals is making it easy for engineers to find, configure and purchase the products they need, helping them do their jobs faster and more accurately.

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Best known for their line of specially designed OEM sealing systems, System Seals provides products for a wide range of applications. Serving the metal processing, mining, oil & gas, wind energy, hydraulics industry, as well as many others, System Seals clients fit many different profiles, making the objective of providing consistent data paramount.  Using CADENAS PARTsolutions online product catalog platform, System Seals can now deliver 3D models and CAD data in the exact native format their users need, in more than 150 formats.


System Seals Launch Online Product Catalog of Sealing Systems, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions


“We are really pushing our business and our team to focus on the digital customer experience, we know that will be the key to success now and in the future” says Joe Mosbrook, Managing Partner at System Seals. “In the past, customers would contact us to request CAD models after researching our products in a catalog or online. We would then have an engineer create a specific model for them in our CAD system. This process was slow, work-intensive and we were only providing the CAD formats which we used internally, not the native files clients really needed. Now the entire process is self-serve, engineers and designers can create the part model they need, on they fly, in any format they choose.”


System Seals Launch Online Product Catalog of Sealing Systems, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions


It’s all about the digital customer experience and being easy to work with. Top manufacturers who provide relevant data up-front to their customers, including 3D CAD data and part downloads see the payoff with loyal customers who return again and again. Working with CADENAS PARTsolutions, System Seals has expanded their online product catalog to include configurable 3D CAD downloads, streamlining the process for electrical design engineers to specify their products into projects.


System Seals Launch Online Product Catalog of Sealing Systems, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions


“By providing powerful and relevant data on their website, System Seals is ensuring their customers will return again and again,” says Jay Hopper, President and COO at CADENAS PARTsolutions. “When manufacturers provide the information that their customers need, it transforms their website from a digital brochure to a powerful data source clients will continually revisit, because it makes their jobs easier. Not only does it simplify the engineer’s job, it also improves the likelihood that System Seals will be selected as the product supplier. We’ve seen that 70% of a buying decision is done before a customer even contacts the company they are researching. Manufacturers can use this to their advantage, by providing rich content to users prior to the sale or quote.”

About System Seals

System Seals is an international research-based seal manufacturer that works in close collaboration with OEMs and maintenance-and-repair customers. The company’s Cleveland-based engineers use state-of-the-art testing and design tools such as finite element analysis to identify and overcome weaknesses in stock seals, as they identify how multiple seals can be optimized together within a seal system. The company serves a wide variety of industries, including metal processing, mining, forging, oil & gas, cylinders and cylinder repair, injection molding, mobile hydraulics, hydraulic presses, pulp and paper, wind energy, compressors, valves and instruments. For more information visit


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