Engineering The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

You want action? You got it!
Action Park is World’s Most Insane Amusement Park

The 70’s were a wild time, just ask Joe Namath, Elton John or John DeLorean. Everything was over-the-top, but excessiveness was measured on a sliding scale, there was “Studio 54 wild” (tame) and then there was “Action Park wild” (really flippin’ wild)!


Action Park – The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

The philosophy of the park founder says it all: “You should be in control. ” To expand on that, his second mantra was: “if you have a crazy sweet idea…you’re hired to build it!” This maniacal ideology led to monstrosities like a loop-de-loop tube water-slide, and the Alpine Slide. Yeah the Alpine slide was a CONCRETE bobsled ride. As if a regular bobsled wasn’t the most dangerous thing ever conceived, he decided “let’s make it from concrete so we can add abrasions to the laundry list of possible injuries!” Helmets? No way! I mean, it only caused 14 bone fractures, 26 head injuries and one death!

In all, Action Park had 6 deaths and so many injuries they couldn’t even get insurance, but it was one heck of a good time!

Watch the Extended cut of the Action Park Documentary!

The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever (Full Length) by insane-amusement-park


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