With the Subwing You Can Have the Full AquaMan Experience

Revolutionary Sporting Equipment Aides High Speed Under Sea Flight


So there I was…treading water in the ocean when my buddy came by and offered me a tow from his jet-ski! Sure! I said, as I grabbed hold. What followed was something akin to being shot in the face with a power washer whilst riding in the bed a truck, parked in a car-wash. It was an out of control hydraulic disaster. I couldn’t see… I couldn’t get above or below the waves; I was stuck at the surface, traveling 40 mph, literally drinking from a fire hose.

If only the inventor of the Subwing could have tapped my shoulder and said: “hook this plastic manta-ray to your rope and hold on for the full-on Aqua Man experience,” maybe my vacation, and my face, would have been saved (I’m still picking minnows from my teeth).

Fortunately, this story is complete fiction, but the Subwing is real. Designed by Norwegian inventor, Simon Sivertsen, the Subwing was created while playing with driftwood and swimming in the Mediterranean sea. Now, built from a variety of high-strength composites, the Subwing will cost you between $295 and $895, depending on finish and options.

Just make sure you wear some goggles…or else you may need to re-attach your eyelids!

Check out more videos and the full story at www.subwing.com

Don’t Try This At Home! Please don’t use this to troll for great white sharks in South Africa! (It won’t work out well for you)

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