Stop Thinking Like a Marketer: How to Get Your Sales Team to Use LinkedIn

Join Greg Mischio and Adam Beck as they try to solve the age-old question:
“Why, oh why can’t I get my industrial sales team to engage on LinkedIn?”

For sales and marketing leaders, this is a head-scratcher, especially when you consider the research. According to LinkedIn, salespeople who engage in social selling are significantly better than their peers.

Did you know: 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media, and social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota?

Yet despite these stats, many salespeople resist the potential of using LinkedIn.

Marketing pros — eager to boost sales and add another avenue to help deliver marketing messaging — will roll out training programs to the sales team, but often to no avail. Though it may seem impossible, by having a lot of empathy and by using tactics proven by other marketers, you can get salespeople to engage, and win, on LinkedIn.

About Greg: Greg Mischio is the Owner and Founder of Winbound, a digital marketing agency that helps manufacturers use content to create a “digital twin” of their sales team.

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Getting Sales to Engage on LinkedIn: Don’t Push Content Creation, by Greg Mischio


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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.