Engineering Efficiency Report Highlights the Common Gaps in the Engineering Process

Engineering Efficiency Report for Industrial Manufacturers, Engineers and Purchasers

Engineers in today’s environment are faced with countless challenges. Shorter production times coupled with an increasing demand for unique solutions multiply the workload for engineers. To exacerbate the situation, engineers are constantly under pressure to cut costs in the design process.

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At the same time, engineers waste on average 68% of their time searching, configuring, and unnecessarily recreating new components. This adds up to thousands of work hours a year wasted on non-constructive activities that have no monetary value.

On top of that, each newly created component carries an expense of its own.

We asked over 128,000 engineers & designers worldwide about their day-to-day work challenges. Some of them may sound familiar! The report reveals the challenges engineers face in today’s environment and recommendations for solving these complex issues.

Key Findings:

  • On average, Engineers lose 1,251 hours per year to non-value-added tasks
  • 48% of engineers spend at least one hour per day searching for parts
  • 83% of engineers spend time recreating parts that are readily available elsewhere
  • 40% of engineers spend at least one hour per day recreating standard or supplier parts
  • 48% of engineering departments work in a Multi-CAD environment
  • 72% of companies work with part libraries that contain duplicates or obsolete parts

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