The Largest Caster CAD Model Library Makes Customizing the Albion 310/410 Family a Breeze


Albion Contender Kingpinless Caster  310 and 410 Family, boasts a ton of power in a streamlined design. These casters, used in production dollies and heavy-duty racks and carts, are USA-made and can hold up to 5,400 pounds per caster!

These casters sport ⅜ inch thick, laser cut legs and heat-treated, AISI 1045 steel raceway. And besides these caster’s sleek design, zinc finish and clear coat, this family of casters reduces unnecessary vibrations and prevents harm to factory floors.


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See Colson’s Latest Addition to the Albion CAD Model Library


Since these casters have no kingpin in their construction, they have many advantages. They have a greater load capacity, impact and shock durability, a smoother range of motion, and no risk of kingpin failure.

Watch this to learn more about these casters:


Between their sturdy construction and range of customization, these casters command attention!

Colson group supplies the largest CAD Model Library in the industry. Powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the catalog provides their users with formats that are easy to download and share with others, including the ever popular 3D PDF datasheets. Colson works hard to provide their users with the best way to configure and customize a part to fit their exact application, without ever having to navigate to different web pages.

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