New Survey Finds 80% of Product Selection by Engineers is Determined by Manufacturer Website and Quality of Digital Data

CADENAS PARTsolutions Release 2017 Industrial Sales and Marketing Report With Key Insights to Help Manufacturers Reach Their Engineering Audience


CADENAS PARTsolutions, has released the findings from a survey of engineers from more than 500 companies, revealing details on how industrial buyers choose and specify the parts they purchase.  The results of the 2017 Industrial Sales and Marketing Report, provide valuable insights for discrete component manufacturers about the purchasing habits of their primary audience: design engineers. The results reveal the importance of the digital customer experience for engineers who specify products for purchase.

“Engineers and industrial buyers are telling us that they expect the same digital tools and experience as in their consumer lives,” says Jay Hopper, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions. “Manufacturers that deliver the best digital customer experience will come out on top.”

By providing easy to use tools and on-demand access to rich digital product data, manufacturers can increase sales by ensuring their products are specified for purchased in the design process, says Hopper.

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A Simple Path to Quality Data is the Key to Success

Engineers were asked which website features influenced them the most when selecting supplier parts online. The results revealed that the most important features are a “simple and easy to use website” and “native CAD model downloads,” as well as the quality of available product data.  Engineers want a simple path to get the accurate product information they need and get back to work.

80% of Engineers Choose Suppliers According to Quality of Native CAD Data

The survey asked engineers “If a supplier does not offer native CAD data, what do you typically do?”  43% of engineers revealed that they will move on to an alternate manufacturer’s website, while 37% will draw a part themselves, leaving final product selection to their purchasing department. Only 20% would take the extra step to contact the component manufacturer to see if they could provide the data they need. This means if the data is not readily available, 80% of engineers simply move on from their preferred manufacturer’s website.

When asked “Would you choose one supplier over another because they provide native CAD models,” 73% of respondents said “Yes,” I expect manufacturers to supply models of their parts, and will choose to specify a supplier based on the availability of high-quality native models.

Over 700 Manufacturers use CADENAS PARTsolutions:

More than 700 manufacturer’s depend on CADENAS PARTsolutions’ eCATALOGsolutions platform to author and deliver their digital product data. It’s fast, powerful and easy to manage. Engineer’s love it because it provides the most accurate digital product data available, providing native CAD models in 150+ formats with full product metadata. eCATALOGsolutions has become the industry standard by giving the engineers the digital data they need.

Manufactures love it because it meets customer demand, reduces stress on internal engineering and drives highly qualified marketing leads, which leads to increased revenues.

“It’s simple,” says Hopper. “Companies that embrace digital transformation are securing their future and winning markets. For those who don’t, their decline is inevitable as customer demand for the digital experience becomes the de facto standard for competing in today’s marketplace.”


2017 Industrial Sales and Marketing Report

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