Mobilegeddon Has Arrived: Is your 3D CAD Catalog Ready?

Mobile 3D CAD Models App for Engineers to Find, Preview and Download Component Parts

Google’s new website requirements mandate mobile compatibility, keep up or get left behind.

“Mobilegeddon” is no joke. Every couple of years Google shuffles the deck and ups the ante for its web search criteria. In one of their biggest moves ever, known as “mobilegeddon” Google announced they would penalize websites which were not mobile compatible, going into effect on April 21, 2015. This mandate was for entire websites, but also applies to the contents of a site.

Relevance is King

It’s all about relevance. Google wants to provide the most relevant data to their visitors, that’s how they became the online search powerhouse; they provide the best search result every time. Now, they are seeing how many more searches are coming from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, and are striving to serve up results which are most relevant to searchers on these devices.

Formerly, users searching from a smart phone could be sent to a site which could be designed for desktop use only, the fonts would be very small and the layouts difficult to consume. Now google penalizes those which are not compatible with the users device.

How’s it all work?

Google’s horde of spider robots is in the process of crawling every site on Earth, if they determine the site it not mobile compliant they will lower their relevance score, thus placing them at a lower position in the search ranking. For example, if your website SEO scores very high with Google for the keyword “custom hydraulic cylinders,” you were in the top there for the search result, no matter what device the user searched from. If Google determines your site is not mobile compatible, you will be penalized, receiving a much lower position depending on what device the user is searching from.

What about 3D parts?

If you provide online CAD models or digital parts to your users, the configurator and previews also need to be mobile compatible. This feature is available for all CADENAS PARTsolutions clients as part of their online 3D CAD catalog. To find out if your 3D CAD catalog is mobile ready, or to add this important functionality, contact the CADENAS PARTsolutions technical team at [email protected]

Need an App? We do that too!

CADENAS PARTsolutions has taken manufacturers a step beyond Google in the mobile compatibility game, by providing stand-alone mobile apps. Now companies can provide the highest quality 3D CAD catalog within their own custom branded app. Use it to power a sales team, build a great customer experience and reach more users.  To find out more follow the link below.

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Adam Beck

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