MISUMI Ready to Feed Your Brain with “19 Minute” Webinar Series

MISUMI Introduces Four New Interactive Webinars to Kick off the Launch of Its 19-Minute Webinar Series

Engineers spoke, and MiSUMI listened!



You asked for MORE education:

MiISUMI says “OK – how about four new webinars on parts and configurations?”

You asked for shorter, more for MORE MODULAR webinar sessions:

MISUMI says “OK – Now, they’re 19 minutes!”


MISUMI Introduces Four New Interactive Webinars to Kick off the Launch of Its 19-Minute Webinar Series

Lively and informative webinars illustrate how configurable components set a new standard in the design and development of automation machinery and systems.

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Oct 23, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — MISUMI USA, Inc., a subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation, part of MISUMI Group, Inc. (tokyo:9962), has announced the launch of its 19-Minute Webinar Series and will kick off the new series with four interactive webinars presented by MISUMI product and mechanical engineers.

The first four webinars now available include:

  • Introduction to Couplings, Tuesday, October 29 at 9:00 a.m. CST ‘ Presented by Gordana Domazel, Product Engineer
  • LX Actuator Overview, Tuesday, October 29 at 1:00 p.m. CST ‘ Presented by Nick Waszak, Product Engineer
  • Linear Ball Bushings, Wednesday, October 30 at 9:00 a.m. CST ‘ Presented by Chuck Leonard, Lead Mechanical Engineer
  • LX Actuator Sizing, Wednesday, October 30 at 1:00 p.m. CST ‘ Presented by Nick Waszak, Product Engineer

Why 19 Minutes?

Each session in the new Webinar series runs just 19 minutes in length, with each one covering a particular type of configurable component in depth. The 19-minute format was developed with input from thousands of MISUMI customers demanding a shorter, more modular format to make attendance more feasible in their busy days. Nearly 50 percent of the webinars focus on real-world applications provided by MISUMI customers, who are used to illustrate the products, concepts and techniques covered in the webinars.

Interactive Platform

To enhance the viewer experience, the 19-Minute Webinar Series will be presented using ON24 webinar platform. With this new platform, participants can engage with engineers via real-time learning, including live webcasts and question-and-answer periods. In addition, they will be able to view on-demand previously recorded webinars at their convenience. The additional functionality of social networking allows participants to further engage to make each webinar a truly interactive event.

Configurable Components Reduce Design Time

MISUMI developed Configurable Components to help designers of custom equipment and automation systems. Pre-configured components can dramatically reduce the design time and high costs of using machine shops for custom components, while still offering high levels of design flexibility not possible for off-the-shelf products.

Using the MISUMI web, designers can simply configure components online by entering the dimensions and specifications they need for their application into the exclusive CAD Configurator. This automatically generates a smart part number to order quickly and easily ‘ just like an off-the-shelf product. And, the Configurator will automatically generate the CAD model, ready to incorporate into the design without the need for additional engineering drawings.

MISUMI brings its over 1 million configurable components to designers with no minimum order, no set-up charges, and with mass production pricing from a single piece to high volume orders. This unique business model is made possible by MISUMI’s large global manufacturing network with 19 production facilities, eight of which are located in North America.

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About MISUMI USA, Inc.

Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, MISUMI USA, Inc. was established in 1988 as a Subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation, a part of the MISUMI Group (tokyo:9962). MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of fixed and configurable components such as Bearings, leader pins, single axis actuators, linear shafts, slotted keys, aluminum extrusions, parting locks, locating pins, linear guides, XY Stages and other components for factory automation, plastic mold and press die industries. For a complete list of available components, please visit MISUMI USA.


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