Marketing to Architects: Inbound Resources for Product Manufacturers

An architect Working on a Building Prototype Made of White Wood.

If you manufacture products used in commercial, residential, or industrial spaces, your target market is most likely architects and similar designers.

As an architectural marketer, if you want to create the right inbound content for this audience, you need to understand the unique needs and terminology of the architectural world.

Here are four pages to help you understand architects and improve your inbound architectural marketing.

What does an architect do?

When marketing to architects, you need to understand what their day-to-day looks like. Many think an architect’s job involves meeting with clients, sitting in front of a big piece of blue paper, and drawing a building. They send the drawing in, discuss a few edits, and construction begins!

Not exactly.


BIM and Architecture Terminology

You don’t have to speak fluent architect to market to them, but you should know the basic language. Here are some architecture terms you should know for your inbound content.


What Is BIM, and How Can It Help Architects?

BIM and BIM objects are your ultimate tool for marketing to architects.

what is bim computer model

Architect and contractor Michael Johnson called BIM “the biggest disruptor that anyone in the current architecture, engineering, or construction industry has ever seen,” but what is BIM, why is it changing so much of modern architecture, and and why is it important to architectural marketers?


BIM vs. CAD – What’s the difference?

Today’s engineering and architectural space is a thriving ecosystem of software, tools, and terminology. Among the most often confused are BIM and CAD. These two terms are closely related, yet quite different in form and function.


Providing BIM Objects

For architectural product manufacturers and marketers, providing BIM object downloads is a business necessity. But what are BIM object downloads, and how can they help when marketing to architects?

This page covers everything architectural product manufacturers and marketers need to know about providing BIM objects to customers.

How to Increase Sales by Providing BIM Objects

Learn how leading manufacturers increase sales by providing BIM objects directly to customers.

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