LJ Star Inc. Is Reaching New Markets by Providing Digital Transformation of the Process Observation Industry


Process observation equipment manufacturer deploys new features to simplify the specification process for an expanded customer base.

LJ Star is meeting the evolving needs of today’s engineers by providing new online tools and resources. By delivering interactive selection tools, webinars, and a virtual trade show booth to their mix of engineering assets, LJ Star is enabling its audience to efficiently discover and source the correct component for their design.

Interactive Sight Glass Selection Tool

sight glass selector

As a customer-focused manufacturer of process control and observation equipment, LJ Star sets high standards for delivering an exceptional customer experience. With the addition of an interactive infographic, “Selecting the Right Sight Glass,” LJ Star provides eight key criteria engineers should ask when specifying a sight glass into their design. There are many types of sight glasses, and the new guide enables engineers to choose the right sight glass the first time.

Try LJ Star’s “Selecting the Right Sight Glass” interactive tool


Live Webinar: Look Better — How To Get the Most From Sight Glasses

LJ Star Sight glass selector webinarLJ Star has taken sight glass education to the next level! Building upon the success of the sight glass selection tool, LJ Star now provides live and on-demand training to help users determine the best solution for various applications and learn what to avoid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to select the right sight glass for your application
  • Explore sight glass basics
  • Review tips, tricks, and best practices

Watch LJ Star’s “Sight Glass Quality” webinar


Come Visit the LJ Star Virtual Trade Show Booth

LJ Star Sight glass selector_virtual trade show booth

LJ Star recognized that travel restrictions, budget limitations, and time constraints can limit trade show attendance. While there is no substitute for face-to-face conversation, LJ Star has created the next best thing — its new Virtual Trade Show Exhibit!

LJ Star’s new virtual exhibit includes far more than what is found at its typical trade show, with the complete product line on display virtually, along with related webinars, videos, and datasheets, all in one easy-to-find location.

Visit the LJ Star Virtual Trade Show Booth 

Online Product Configuration Tools

Launched in 2018, LJ Star has long provided customers with instant access to 3D CAD model downloads. The interactive catalog of configurable 3D CAD models streamlines the process for engineers and designers to find, configure and download visual flow indicators and sight glass products, which they can download directly from ljstar.com.

Customers can now find and download high-quality, configurable products with the speed, accuracy and deliverability that today’s engineers and designers need.

Try LJ Star’s Interactive 3D CAD Catalog

About LJ Star

LJ Star Incorporated provides an extensive line of process observation equipment — sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, level gage instrumentation, as well as a wide variety of sight glass accessories. Product lines include METAGLAS® Safety Sight Windows, Lumiglas® Explosion Proof Lights and Cameras, Visual Flow Indicators, Sight Ports, Sanitary Clamps, Magnetic Level Gauges and Gauge Glass. METAGLAS is the No. 1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world. It meets stringent DIN 7079 and DIN 7080 quality standards, and it is approved for USP Type I use.  For tutorials, specs, and 3D CAD files, visit LJ Star’s website.

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