JIE USA Inc. Introduces 3D CAD Gearbox and Gearmotor Configurator

Motor and drive manufacturer unveils tool for on-demand, online design and product selection.

JIE USA has released a 3D CAD gearbox and gearmotor configurator to help engineers choose motors and drives on-demand. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the online tool enables engineers to identify the correct product for their design or application based on custom parameters and deliver the CAD model or PDF datasheet they need to do their job efficiently.

JIE is a total drive solutions provider specializing in Gearbox & motor-related products for OEM and MRO applications, including food and beverage, cement production, and packaged goods manufacturing. Assembled in the USA, their products include gearboxes, motors, gearmotors, electric controllers, and VFDs. With their new tool, JIE allows engineers to instantly find and specify compatible motors for both existing machinery and new designs.

“Previously, customers would send us all their application information, and our engineers selected the right product for them. This meant a lot of back-and-forth with the customer if we had any questions, which took a lot of time,” Bo Chen, President of JIE USA Inc., said. “Now customers can self-serve online. They enter the parameters of their application, like input power, ratio, torque, and output RPM, and the configurator recommends a compatible gearbox or gearmotor. It’s more efficient and lets the customer work on their own time rather than contacting us directly.”


JIE has also introduced configurable 3D PDF datasheets that include essential product data that their customers need.

“With these PDFs, customers don’t have to come back to us for missing data points for the product,” Bo said. “The PDF shows everything related to the product.”

Bo added, “We’re really excited about this configurator. It lets customers build a compatible system on their own, and it shows everything they need to know right on the page. It’s putting design power in the customer’s hands.”

About JIE USA Inc.
JIE has established a worldwide reputation in over 100 countries for offering drive solutions with exceptional performance and outstanding value. The JIE product line encompasses the widest range of industrial gearing and drive technologies available from a single manufacturer. This allows the selection of the optimal solution for your specific needs, assuring your application requirements are achieved at the least possible cost.

JIE USA sales, engineering, assembly, and warehouse headquarters is in suburban Chicago, IL. Along with our nationwide network of distribution partners, we will provide rapid response to your production needs and prompt engineering and customer service support wherever you are located.

Learn more at jie-drives.com

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