MAKE’s Giant 3D Iris is the Best Skylight Ever!

Watch and Learn How 3D Models and CNC Tools can Amazing Bring Ideas to Life

Caleb Kraft dreamed of making the perfect skylight to top off the already stunning spiral staircase at his house. Kraft attended the Maker Faire, which is where he was introduced to the latest CNC Router Parts creation, the PRO60120. This machine’s quick and smooth cutting capabilities mesmerized Kraft and led him to discuss his project with the presenter at the booth, Nathan Skalsky.  After this chance conversation at the Maker Faire, Kraft joined forces with CNC to design and create an elegant, functioning, iris-inspired skylight.



Kraft used 3D imaging to test out his designs and troubleshoot before creating the finished project.The biggest obstacle in creating this piece was dealing with motion design and how these moving parts would work together to create the best illusion in the sunlight. But, CNC designers helped out and made the blueprints for the ideal creation of the iris, and the Pro60120, brought the idea to life by cutting the precise leaflets used to open and close the skylight.

MAKE’s Giant 3D Iris is the Best Skylight Ever!CADENAS PARTsolutions has partnered with Autodesk to provide millions of components directly within Autodesk Fusion 360. This service provides users with 3D CAD models from over 400 certified manufacturer catalogs directly within the app. By utilizing this technology, he could explore different ways to fit parts together or experiment with new methods without the commitment of buying and returning parts to a manufacturer.

By partnering with CNC Router Parts, Kraft takes creativity to a whole new level as he turns a simple home improvement into something spectacular.



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