Human Bullets Travel 800 Mph in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

So, you need to go visit grandma for the weekend in New York, but you’re in LA.  What’s the speediest way to get there on the cheap?

Boats? So 1492.

Cars? Too pedestrian.

Planes? Eh, they charge too much for peanuts…

Why don’t we take a phone-booth sized bullet through an intercontinental tube? It’ll be like riding in that sweet vacuum thingy at the bank drive-up window!

If you build it they will come. At least that’s what South African billionaire inventor and super-genius, Elon Musk, is hoping will happen. Recently, the CEO of Tesla Motors and the independent space exploration company, Space X, mentioned he has interest in exploring tube travel technology because it will be cheaper, safer and faster than any other means of transportation.


How can this be so?

Cheaper? Researchers say it will cost ¼ the price of a comparable highway and 1/10th the price of a high speed rail. Cost per ticket would be a flat rate of $20.

Safer? There is little opportunity for the vehicle to crash or get derailed thanks to the tube design.

Faster? Estimated speeds range from 800 to 3400 mph depending on the distance and mode of propulsion. You could leave LA at 5pm and be in New York at 5:30 pm with the time change!

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Adam Beck

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