Fun with STEM Tech: Tiny grains of couscous dance into perfect geometric patterns

Using wave dynamics, Random couscous snaps into beautiful patterns

Tiny grains of couscous dance into perfect geometric patternsScience is fun, and to prove it our friend, Steve Mould, will create beautiful geometric art using nothing but “wave dynamics.” This is one of those experiments you SHOULD do at home with your kids!

Using couscous (or sand if you’re not into North African semolina nuggets) a large metal plate and a cello bow, Steve shows how the resonant vibrations of the metal sheet make the grains line up into weird, and beautiful shapes. It’s kindof like those spiro-graph designs form the 80’s, where the pen goes in a little gear inside of a larger gear and the frequency creates a pattern. Where the spiro-graph illustrates where the moving pattern overlaps, the wave dynamic illustrates ate areas that are NOT moving.


Forgot about the Spirograph? Build one from some old bike parts!

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