Engineering the Ultimate Onewheel Electric Skateboard

New digital technology that’s creating an experience of a lifetime! Ride like the Pros!

Skateboards have become tremendously popular in the recent years, especially California and along the West Coast. There has always been a thrill to riding a classic skateboard, but this new onewheel electric skateboard will blow your mind!

Let’s take a trip to the Bay Area to see who engineers these rad one-wheel skateboards. Adam Savage, MythBusters and television star, is going to take you to the very factory where they engineer these intricate electric skateboards. Let’s check it out!

onewheel electric skateboard

The world’s most innovative engineers designed the perfect skateboard!

This new technology developed and designed locally in Santa Cruz, is making it possible for skaters to take complete control their ride. It’s almost like surfing on land! Just 4 years ago, Onewheel was launched by Kyle Doerksen, whose passion for electric technology brought about this awesome skateboard.

The company’s vision was not only to create a board that would make riding more fun, but one that was efficient and made riding simple. The newest model is the Onewheel + XR, which allows you to ride 17 miles per charge, made possible by some of the top engineers in the world.

onewheel electric skateboard

Hypercore technology, makes the skateboard unlike any others of it’s kind!

This handsfree, self-balancing skateboard makes it almost effortless to ride over any terrain. Whether it’s grass, pavement, gravel, sand, or dirt the onewheel skateboard makes riding a breeze. Their motion sensor technology and LED lights make this one of the smartest and most advanced skateboards on the market.

One of the key components of this skateboard is it’s hypercore brushless hub motor, which allows speeds up to 19 mph! The motor is designed to make riding as smooth as possible. Not only does the hypercore technology make riding smoother, it enables riders to ride for longer, faster, and the motor is almost silent.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a sweet new ride, the Onewheel skateboard could be the one for you! Whether you’re looking to glide down a smooth beach, or climb hills in forests, this skateboard will make your ride super fun and smooth. It’s one of the most advanced and cool technologies out there today, so get riding!

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