Engineering the Force From Star Wars

Hello there! Even though Star Wars is science fiction, that hasn’t stopped engineers from bringing parts of the movies to life, including the Force. Read on to learn how the Force and four other pieces of Star Wars lore are becoming a reality.

1. The Force

This headset uses IBM software, electroencephalography, and IoT to let users move objects with their minds. No joystick or Jedi training required!

2. Lightsaber

These engineers used liquid propane gas and laminar flow to make a retractable, plasma-based Lightsaber that cuts through metal. It can even change colors, depending on where your loyalties lie.

3. Han Solo’s Blaster

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t tell us who shot first.

4. Landspeeder

Soon you’ll be able to fly through the desert (or your neighborhood) at 150 mph!

5. Dejarik (Holochess)

This holographic game system uses AR to bring your favorite board games to life. However, we still suggest you let the Wookiee win.

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Kelly Obbie

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