Engineering 6 Spider-Man Gadgets

When it comes to transforming yourself into a superhero, these engineers have come as close as you can probably get. Watch these mad scientists bring Spider-Man to life. Do NOT try this at home!

Creating Spider-Man

1. Climbing Walls

These engineers used vacuum pumps and electromagnets to climb walls. No sticky fingers required:


2. Web Shooters

Not spider silk, but a close second:


Bonus: Flight/Swinging

In June 2021, Disney unveiled their Spider-Man Animatronic, an autonomous, robot acrobat that soars above Disneyland. Learn more about the Spider-Man robot and how Disney has influenced robotics for the past six+ decades.

The finished product:


Building Spider-Man’s Tech

3. E.D.I.T.H.

What’s better than having Spider-Man’s powers? Having his smart glasses to go with them:


4. Nanotech Suit

This suit uses Thermochromic pigment to appear on the user’s body. Added bonus: expandable legs…


Building Spider-Man’s Villain Tech

5. Green Goblin’s Hoverboard

Warning: May cause sudden death and your son seeking out revenge:


6. Doctor Octopus’ Arms

Be careful: These arms just may take on a mind of their own…

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