Assured Automation Cuts Hours from Assembly Time with Unique Datasheets and Online Valve Configurator

Actuated valve supplier launches on-demand 3D CAD model files and PDF datasheets

Assured Automation, a supplier of actuated valves and flow meters for process applications, has released a unique 3D configurator, which provides on-demand 3D CAD models and ”complete assembly” specific PDF datasheets. This new tool significantly reduces design time for engineers or anyone specifying valves for their project.

While most manufacturers’ datasheets include information for entire product lines, Assured Automation’s new assembly-specific PDF datasheets are dynamically generated and include only the information for the exact components used in the assembly that the user configured.

“Previously, in order to get complete specifications for an actuated valve assembly, specification engineers would need to sift through pages of irrelevant information in these datasheets for each component in the assembly,” Brian Booth, VP of Sales at Assured Automation, said. “That could be up to four separate datasheets, each having a ton of information that does not pertain to the selected component.” Now, a single document contains the information for ALL of the components and ONLY those components.

Even those with little to no knowledge of valves can navigate Assured Automation’s website and find what they need. The new 3D product configurator reduces design time for both customers and Assured’s own engineers.

“What previously would have taken hours of work is now available instantly,” Booth said regarding the new CAD models. “We used to provide just valve and actuator combinations, therefore customers would need to download and add any accessories themselves to make complete assemblies. Now, our configurator pulls ALL component models into one complete assembly model. The parts still maintain their individuality within the assembly. When configuring valve assemblies using Assured’s interactive configurators, customers can refer to help screens related to each selection, making it easy to decide what option is best for their application.”

Booth adds, “Assured Automation’s focus is making valve automation easy for our customers. We live by that, and these new CAD models and dynamically generated PDF datasheets take that to the next level.”

About Assured Automation
Assured Automation is a leading supplier of actuated valves and flow components for industrial process control applications. Since 1983 we have been providing state of the art valves and actuation to a diverse clientele ranging from small equipment manufacturers to the Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies.

In addition to our wide range of standard products that are kept in stock, we offer custom actuated valve assemblies that are developed specifically for your unique applications.

Our goal is to be the best actuated valve supplier in the world. We strive to make the specification, estimating, and delivery of high-quality actuated valves and flow components as quick and easy as possible.

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