This Custom Workbench LED Lamp from Adam Savage Is the Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift You Need

Your One-Day Solution to Father’s Day, DIY Videos and a Brighter Workbench.

Have you ever leaned over your workbench, eyes squinted and back sore, your smallest chisel and block of wood in hand, and said, “I need better lighting”?

Or maybe you’ve heard your old man (sorry, Dad) complaining about his lower back and saying, “My eyes don’t work like they used to.”

That first scenario happened to Adam Savage from Tested. But instead of mumbling over his “never having enough light” problem, he decided to give his workbench some upgraded lighting – in just 24 hours.


This Custom Workbench LED Lamp from Adam Savage Is the Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift You NeedThe One-Day Build

The former MythBusters host built an adjustable LED Lamp for his workbench to give his engraving projects a much-needed lighting solution. Highly positionable, dimmable and with simple color grading, the LED workbench lamp comes in a matter of minutes.

Adam used ¾ in. Loc-Line (a waterproof hose) for the neck of the lamp, which is the same material often used for adjustable tripods and smartphone holders. His other equipment includes a ball socket MPT connector, a ball socket flare nozzle, a power supply, aluminum armature wire and an LED Light.

To attach it to his workbench, Adam created a part. However, you can also purchase a female MPT connector and weld it to a C-clap. Adam also used a powerful 12V DC power adapter, but depending on your needs, you won’t need as much voltage. In total, Adam’s build cost around $120 with all the parts coming from Amazon.

Check out the video above to watch Adam put it all together and for links to the materials! You can learn some tips and tricks of for making the LED workbench lamp to your liking.


Not Just for Dad

But this tool doesn’t have to be for dad. With more companies turning to DIY videos, the LED lamp is an affordable and adaptable light to use for in-house video production. Comparable LED lamps on the market with a clamp-mount cost between $130 – $255, but without the customizations you can make to Adam’s build.

Now that’s a fast and affordable solution to brightening your workbench and giving dad what he needs for Father’s Day! (No promises on making your father’s eyes work like they used to.) If you’re really looking to do your old man a favor this weekend, check out the modernized workbench from Make Something.

What do you think – could your work space use more light? Share with us your thoughts on Adam’s one-day LED lamp project or how you would have designed it better.


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