Cooper Crouse-Hinds adds 3D CAD Configurator to Meet the Needs of a Growing Customer Segment

Milford, OH – April 10, 2013– CADENAS PARTsolutions, a global provider of 3D product catalog, configurator, and CAD download technology; and Cooper Crouse-Hinds, the world’s leading manufacturer of electrical products for harsh and hazardous environments, announce the launch of Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ online 3D CAD configurator. Cooper Crouse-Hinds is now utilizing the most advanced 3D CAD and online product catalog technology available, powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions. With their new embedded configuration platform, Cooper Crouse-Hinds is able to grow their product reach as well as improve customer experience by placing the latest tools and technology in the hands of their customers.

Watch the 3D CAD Configurator in Action:

With the CADENAS PARTsolutions online configurator, engineers can quickly find and design the exact part they need, all directly within the Crouse-Hinds website. In just a few clicks, engineers can configure a part number and generate an interactive 3D preview on-the-fly. They can then download the exact model they need in over 150 CAD and graphic formats including native formats in Autodesk  AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, PTC Wildfire® and CREO®, Siemens NX®, CATIA® and many more. This on-demand capability makes the jobs of design engineers easier and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds now has over 40 families of harsh and hazardous electrical products available through their PARTsolutions configurator, and will be working towards 100 families by the end of 2013.  To view the catalog visit:

Cooper Crouse-Hinds, a manufacturer of over 100,000 electrical products for use in corrosive, hazardous, wet and harsh environments, added the CADENAS PARTsolutions embedded product catalog to their website to better meet the needs of engineers who need high-quality product models to include in their designs.

“In the industries we serve, which include oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, marine, and industrial manufacturing markets, we are vying to get our products on the bill of materials for large plant and facilities projects,” says Michael McManus, Director of NA Marketing and Global Pricing at Cooper Crouse-Hinds. “These projects are often times managed by Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) groups who have made 3D CAD files mandatory for all products to be designed into their projects. CADENAS PARTsolutions offers us the most complete package to easily and accurately supply these CAD files to our customers.”

In the past, Cooper Crouse-Hinds offered CAD models by request only and in a limited number of formats. “Customers would call in to our office and ask for individual models, which had to be created by our engineering department” states McManus.  “Additionally, if the customer was not knowledgeable of our catalog, it would require our customer service team to assist with the selection of the correct SKU for their application before the request was sent to an engineer to model in the desired format.  This internal process was very time-consuming, and we were unable to respond to customer requests in a timely fashion.”  McManus adds, “With CADENAS PARTsolutions, our customers can now receive 3D CAD files in minutes versus days, with no impact on our Engineering or Customer Service teams.”

Jay Hopper, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions adds, “For businesses working with procurement groups and product specifiers, CAD downloads are an absolute must have. If you offer 3D sales configurators with native CAD product data, and your competitor doesn’t, you’ll win that job 80% or more of the time. This trend is not exclusive to companies working with EPC’s. It’s all about simplifying your customer’s experience. The easier it is to get your part into their system, the more likely they are to buy, it’s that simple.”

About Cooper Crouse Hinds

Cooper Crouse-Hinds is part of the electrical business of Eaton. Eaton acquired Cooper Industries plc in late 2012. Cooper Crouse-Hinds integrates a comprehensive line of electrical and instrumentation products with expert support, industry insights and local availability, engineering safety and productivity in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments worldwide. Cooper Crouse-Hinds manufactures over 100,000 products, including conduit and cable fittings; enclosures; plugs and receptacles; industrial lighting fixtures; signals and alarms; controls and electrical apparatus; commercial outlet boxes and hubs; and electronic components and protection equipment for process control branded MTL Instruments Group.  Cooper Crouse-Hinds products are sold worldwide and meet all local and international code requirements. They are used in general construction or in harsh and hazardous environments across the globe, performing to the highest standard of safety and reliability. For more information, visit For information about Eaton, visit

About CADENAS PARTsolutions

CADENAS PARTsolutions is a leading provider of next generation 3D part catalog management and sales configuration solutions. For large manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides centralized 3D standard part catalogs making it easy for global design teams to find, reuse, and control standard and proprietary parts. For component manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides 3D part catalog with CAD download technology to increase sales lead generation and to ensure that components get “designed in” to OEM products. 

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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.