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Bulletproof Glass vs. 60,000 PSI Waterjet: Will The Glass Crack Under Pressure?

Check this incredible video to see who will win the day: the Waterjet or the bulletproof glass.


When it comes to cutting with a waterjet, these guys have experimented with almost anything, ranging from dissecting a tarantula to exploding cans of cheese. They’ve proven time and time again that their waterjet can persevere on even the toughest surfaces.

Take bulletproof glass for example, when faced with a sharp shooter, the AK is no match for the bulletproof glass, which withstands its 30 rounds of ammo.  But, for the waterjet, they take a 2-inch thick bulletproof glass insert and the waterjet is effortless able to carve out, ironically, a gun shape within the glass.

This jet can be compared to the same amount of force as a hydraulic press. It uses a high-pressure stream of water with a 60,000 psi pump. The waterjet is found cutting in industries like mining and aerospace, the main benefit of a waterjet is that it’s a great alternative for cutting soft materials that are usually prone to smashing. Like if you’ve ever wanted to cut fruit into very thin slices:

The water is pressurized in a jet stream and can produce streams as small as .003 inches. How it works is, the pressurized water stream exits the orifice at a high velocity as a coherent water jet stream to produce a thin and clean cut.

Who knew water could be so powerful?

Check out what the Waterjet guys are cutting up today on their Youtube channel:–S73K_Ce6uvmN9UXvlw/featured

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Alexis Barnhorn

A senior at Miami University, double majoring in strategic communications and interactive media studies with a focus in digital marketing. Alexis is a visionary with an eye for markets and design, she combines her skills in communications and digital marketing by creating a canvas that makes any message visually pleasing. Alexis currently resides in Cincinnati and on the weekends can be found trying new coffee shops in search of the best coffee beans.

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