This Flying Soldier’s Invention Looks Terrifying, and I Want One

So… When Can I Fly to Work Like Marty McFly?

This “Flying Soldier” soared above the Bastille Day parade in Paris, France and we can’t help but talk about this amazing engineering moment.

I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all thought of the convenience it’d be to be able to fly to our destination. I’m imagining being able to fly to work on those days I can’t quit hitting ‘snooze’ on my alarm clock and have to race out the door.

For French innovator, Franky Zapata, he makes flying look easy with his jet-powered hoverboard. After watching this video, I can’t help but want one for myself!

flying soldier

What is the Flying Soldier?

Zapata showcased his Flyboard Air device in a performance where he soared above the heads of the parade crowd with an unloaded rifle in hand.

Zapata calls his invention the Flyboard Air and he appeared at this event in hopes to win over the approval from the French military, whom he wants to buy his invention – and I can imagine with literally flying into the picture, he had to of accomplished just that.

For many of us, this invention is beyond our wildest dreams of being able to fly; although, it does mimic Marty McFly’s famous hoverboard.

It’s funny because when I picture someone having the technology to fly, I can’t even imagine anything this advanced. I picture a kid on one of those hover boards (that don’t actually hover), that have wheels and go like 10 mph….. Nothing compared to this.

Franky Zapata flies on a Flyboard during the traditional Bastille Day military parade on the Champs-Elysees Avenue with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Source: DailyMail UK, 2019


Why the Flyboard Air?

This amazing device can allow testing for multiple uses for the French Military, such as using it as an assault platform or a flying logistical platform, according to the news network.

Receiving a Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by hover board back in April 2016, the Flyboard Air can reach a flight altitude of 10,000 feet and reaches a top speed of 93 mph for as long as 10 minutes — just enough time to make it to work before you’re late!?

….Sign me up!

But, how much does it cost?

Being this cool can’t be cheap, so I had to find out how much one of these bad boys costs. I found that the price is nearly $250,000 for one… YIKES…

What could go wrong?

As good as this flying platform may sound, I can’t help but think of the obvious – what could go wrong?!

Not only can this device be extremely expensive to keep in operation, the amount of energy necessary to sustain it might be even greater. The person controlling and operating this flight could also face some life-threatening safety issues. Imagine falling 10,000 feet while going 93 mph… Ouch!

Despite the drawbacks dealing with cost and safety behind this gadget, I can’t help but look at the beauty of the engineering behind creating this invention and applaud Zapata at creating it from his own garage.

Now I’m left thinking: How much longer will it be before an invention like this replaces our day-to-day transportation? I think I’d gladly trade in my car and join the birds on my way to work.

What would you do with the technology to fly?!

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