Aignep USA Launches NFPA Cylinder Configurator and On-Demand CAD Files, Powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Pneumatics Manufacturer Gives Customers More Access to Customized Products and Instant CAD Downloads from the Cylinder Configurator

Aignep USA, an innovative manufacturer of pneumatic components, launches its brand-new nfpa cylinder configurator. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the cylinder configurator gives customers easy access to configure and download the cylinder CAD models they need from the website.

Headquartered in Fairview, TN, Aignep USA is the North American branch of the Italian manufacturer, Aignep, which specializes in building pneumatic components, including universal push-to-connect fittings, valves, cylinders, couplers, pneumatic accessories and more. Engineers and machine builders incorporate many Aignep products into their large assemblies and industrial automation designs from the robotics on an automotive assembly line to food processing plants.

Prior to launching the cylinder configurator, Aignep USA had to email customers cylinder CAD files after receiving requests for the CAD via phone or email. Now, with the new configurator, engineers can quickly and easily configure the NFPA cylinder they need and download a 3D CAD model to spec into their designs, right from the website.

“Engineers want more access to the CAD files they need without waiting, this configurator gives them that experience and the ability to customize the product,” says Corey Edmonson, Marketing Specialist at Aignep USA.

With easy access to the new configurator on Aignep USA’s website, engineers have more control over the configuration of NFPA cylinders. This self-select method ensures Aignep USA’s customers receive the right product model with the accurate part number and metadata built into the model.

“We want to make it really easy for engineers to customize the cylinder they need. They can go in and get the exact bore and stroke they want, with any accessory, and get the product download instantly,” says Edmonson.

In addition, the NFPA cylinder configurator gives customers native outputs to 150+ CAD and imaging formats, including PDF product datasheets with 3D interactive previews of the exact product.

About Aignep USA

Aignep was established in 1976 and in the mid-1990’s partnered with Alpha Technologies (now known as Aignep USA) to expand into North America. The North American headquarters relocated in 2015 to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Fairview, TN. which also serves as a cylinder production site. Over the past 44 years, Aignep has experienced extensive growth that has resulted in the establishment of 9 locations throughout the world. In 2017, the company established a distribution center in Denver, CO to better service their growing customer base in the western region.

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Adam Beck

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