Native CAD vs. Neutral CAD

Native CAD vs. Neutral CAD

Which type of CAD Files are superior?

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The debate still rages in all its fury among engineers about which type of CAD files are superior. Is the answer native CAD file formats, or neutral CAD file formats?

The problem is, our focus is on the wrong question.

It isn’t about which type of CAD file is superior. Instead, it all comes down to a single word: interoperability. By using our energy to create engineering workflows that are ideal for interoperability, we will find the answer to the native CAD format vs. neutral CAD format question.

Native CAD

First, we must address a different question. What is interoperability?

Interoperability is the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information. Interoperability enables engineering data to pass from the original design all the way through the product lifecycle.

Get the ‘Native vs. Neutral’ eBook here.


Native CAD vs. Neutral CAD Data: How to Approach Interoperability

Native CAD formats have far more functionality than neutral CAD formats. However, a good deal of the information that is stored as part of a particular CAD format cannot be easily accessed by another CAD system. Because of this, native CAD formats are not ideal for particular interoperability needs. On the other hand, neutral formats work across different CAD programs but are limited in functionality and incur data loss.

So, which type of CAD format best facilitates interoperability, native CAD formats, or neutral CAD formats? To answer that question, we will bring a few industry experts into the conversation.

Native CAD

The panel of experts includes:

  • Stephen Collins – CEO and Co-Founder, Anark Corp
  • John Gray – Senior Consultant, ITI
  • Nathan Hartman – Professor & Department
    Head, Purdue University Polytechnic Institute
  • Thomas Hedberg – Associate Research Engineer,
    University of Maryland
  • Jennifer Herron – CEO, Action Engineering
  • Jim Martin – Marketing Director, Anark Corp.


Download the Native vs. Neutral eBook to learn what these six experts have to say.

Get the ‘Native vs. Neutral’ eBook here:


Which is Better?

Native CAD or Neutral CAD?

The debate rages on about which is the best format to use. What CAD formats are superior. Six industry experts weigh in to decide.

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