5 Things to Nail Digital Customer Experience (DCX) with a 3D Part Catalog [Infographic]

Leverage Your 3D Part Catalog to Nail Digital Customer Experience, man holding tablet

Leverage your 3D part catalog to impress customers with an easy-to-use digital interphase and to drive sales.


Thanks to the revolution of the online marketplace, your business now relies on your digital customer experience.

Satisfy your customers, make their job easier, and give them the exact product they need. That’s the recipe for winning their business today and for future purchases. But what does that look like in practice?

For industrial manufacturers to provide the best digital customer experience, they need an online tool that works for the online customer. That user-experience-optimized tool is the 3D part catalog.


Make your (online) customers smile: Learn how to provide an amazing digital customer experience with a 3D part catalog.


Here are the 5 most important factors industrial manufacturers need to know to build a remarkable digital customer experience with their 3D part catalog:


5 insights for component manufacturers



1. Engineers want online access from the manufacturer to spec and download 3D parts.

Engineers are on-demand digital customers who want more information and purchasing power. Already, most engineers go through 60% of the buyer’s journey before contacting a salesperson, according to IEEE GlobalSpec’s research.

The 3D part catalog gives customers instant digital downloads in their preferred native CAD. Customers set the identification number, receive a free quote and can instantly test the part into their design – all without paying a cent.

That doesn’t mean you (the manufacturer) gives all this for nothing. Approximately 82% of products downloaded resulted in a physical sale, according to our Sales and Marketing research.

When engineers get what they want, so does the manufacturer.


2. Engineers want 24/7/365 access to products for purchase.

The online buyer has a reputation for being… well… impatient. This extends to your online engineering customers. They don’t want to wait to receive a physical product sample when they can instantly download a native CAD file and test it directly in their virtual design.

Interactive configurators and digital part catalogs speed up the design process while working on the engineer’s schedule. It delivers those instant downloads and on-the-fly configuration that online customers want and creates a seamless pathway to products.

This tool lives on the manufacturer’s website, so it’s available to customers all day and night, anywhere they have internet.  And, the instant downloads eliminate the wait-time your customers and employees used to spend on custom CAD models and physical deliveries.

Leverage Your 3D Part Catalog to Nail Digital Customer Experience


3. Not everyone has CAD, but they also need a product sample.

The engineering team is not the only group who can use the 3D CAD catalog. Purchasers and project supervisors also need to see the product information for each part of an assembly design. More often than not, they don’t have CAD access.

However, to provide a great digital experience for these customers, too, manufacturers must have a solution.

In addition to native CAD downloads, the digital part catalog offers 3D PDF datasheets – free, comprehensible downloads that show the product identification number, specifications and a quote – that customers can send to their clients, coworkers and purchasing department. This way, everyone is on the same page.

What’s also in-sync: your sales and marketing team. The 3D CAD catalog can also tie-in with your marketing automation and CRM systems, making the salesperson and the marketer’s jobs that much easier.


The Ultimate Guide to DCX: Everything you need to know about digital customer experience in the manufacturing industry.


4. Engineers still want a collaborative and personalized experience.

Online customers want products that are tailored to their specific needs. While the digital catalog does give engineers the ability to configure and specify products, sometimes customers want additional help from the manufacturer.

The 3D part catalog makes collaboration and more complicated designs possible, in real time. Through the manufacturer’s website or mobile app, a customer can collaborate on his design with the manufacturer’s expert. This way, the customer sees that each option he chooses has value and cost.

Having your products on a mobile CAD app gives manufacturers an additional edge. By publishing your catalog on a mobile app, customers can choose to download a 3D CAD model or PDF product datasheet, which the app sends to the user’s email.

When the customer is part of the collaborative experience, the better product he walks away with. And, the happier he feels about the overall customer service.

Leverage Your 3D Part Catalog to Nail Digital Customer Experience, innovative leaders


5. Engineers want to work with forward-thinking companies.

Business and technology are changing at a rapid pace. Online customers are among the first to test these changes, and their preferences steer the direction of digital change.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers struggle to keep up.

The difference is key: technology changes exponentially, while organizations change logarithmically. Those organizations that adapt and find ways to move with digital change (rather than chase it) appeal to customers.

When manufacturers use a 3D part catalog, they set themselves up to move with digital change and be the industry change-maker. Already, the industry standard is getting CAD models online to customers. The online configurator takes it one step further by maintaining product updates, providing 150+ CAD formats and versions and future-proofing your investment.

Whether it’s the next web browser, software edition or digital device, the 3D part catalog ensures that manufacturers and customers can access the products and information they need without compromising quality.


To Conclude

Manufacturers understand the importance of providing a great digital customer experience. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and customer insights, they can “Wow” their customers and win their future business.

With a customer-focused approach to creating content, the 3D part catalog ensures the customer has the best digital experience and returns to that vendor for future purchases.

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