World’s Highest Flyby: Over Burj Khalifa, The Tallest Building on Earth

We’ve seen the exactly what happens when aircraft perform, unauthorized high-speed flybys:

Maverick: “Tower this is Ghostrider, requesting a flyby.”
Tower: “Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full…”
Goose: “No, no Mav. This is not a good idea.”
Maverick: “Sorry Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower.”

They buzz the tower in a F14 and the controller spills hot coffee all over his shirt. It’s just a waste of perfectly good coffee. Plus, you aggravate the General, and now you’re gonna have to fly a cargo plane, full of rubber dog poo out of Hong Kong! There’s gotta be a better way…

Watch Team Black-Sheep fly over the Burj Khalifa, in the world’s highest flyby in a civilian operated drone.

Team Black Sheep have managed to defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics. They may have also defied the laws of Dubai by flying too close to the tower! Normally, an over-the-counter quad-copter can only fly 150 or so feet in the air, restricted by local laws, signal range, and visibility. This baby is  built with a 9,800 foot (3 km / 1.9 mi) range, it’s got a GoPro for eagle-eye visibility, so it fly OVER the spire of this flippin’ ridiculous building.

Burj Kalifa Stats: The World’s Tallest Building (Kingdom Tower under-construction)

Height to Tip: 2717 feet
Height Occupied: 1918 feet
Height to Tip:      2723 feet
Height to Observatory: 1483 feet
Floors Above Ground: 163
Elevators: 58
Number of Apartments: 900
Number of Hotel Rooms: 304
Number of Parking Spaces: 2957


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