Who will win? Vise vs. Hydraulic Press

Who knew watching a hydraulic press crush “really tough things” could be so soothing?

In most workshops – the vice is the toughest tool around. It’s exactly what would happen if an anvil and a giant clamp had a baby. But just like in nature, there’s always a larger predator out there, and if you’re not at the top of the food-chain, you might be in trouble. Well, in this shop the top predator is a big ‘ole hydraulic press, and it’s hungry.

Who will win? Vise vs. Hydraulic PressWhen it comes to a vise vs. the hydraulic press, the vise is no match when it is instantly crushed by the press. A vise is a mechanical apparatus composed of two parallel jaws, threaded in and out by a screw and lever. All of which is made up of metal parts, creating an explosive reaction when pancaked by the press.

The master behind this youtube phenomenon is engineer Lauri Vuohensilta, a small factory owner in Finland. Why is watching objects get crushed so satisfying? Vuohensilta thinks it’s because people are fascinated by the power of the press. His press applies 100 tons of force to the objects he crushes and he plans to kick it up a notch with the purchase of a 1,000 ton hydraulic press.

Although, no amount of force could equal out to how satisfying it is watching the hydraulic press take on this years phenomenon, the Fidget Spinner:


The fidget spinner is composed of a bearing in the center that allows the user to spin the object and create a soothing vibration. The spinner is meant to relieve stress and cater to users with trouble focusing but most experts believe it to be even more of a distraction. This has caused most schools to ban it and if you’ve ever been around someone that uses one you can probably understand why and rejoice when watching the press crush it.

Who knew watching a hydraulic press crush “really tough things” could be so soothing?

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