Versa Products Launches Second Phase of 3D CAD downloads, adding V-316 Series Valves

Global control valve manufacturer enables engineers to instantly access information on-demand with new 3D CAD downloads for V-316 stainless steel valves

Versa Products extended their online configurator to include V-316 Series 3D CAD downloads. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the tool enables design engineers to instantly access the necessary information and CAD models for V-316 Series stainless steel directional control valves, adding accuracy and accelerating design cycles for manufacturers.

Versa is a respected player in industries such as energy, manufacturing, mobile, aerospace, and utilities, and engineers worldwide rely on Versa for their quality and durability. Now engineers can configure Versa V-316 solenoids online in an interactive viewer with detailed dimensions, and they can access 3D CAD downloads in 150+ native file formats.

The popular V-316 Series is versatile, rugged, and stands up to years of heavy use in the toughest environments. By adding the V-316 Series to the online configurator, users now have 24/7 access to valuable product information and 3D CAD downloads.


Versa Products 3D CAD Downloads for V-316 Series Valves

Versa Products Launches Second Phase of 3D CAD downloads, adding V-316 Series Valves, Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions

“The beauty of the configurator is that when an engineer needs a CAD model, it’s readily available online,” John Hatcher, Digital Technology Director at Versa Products, said. “There’s a high demand for our V-316 Series, and by adding these parts to the configurator it gives engineers and manufacturers more accessibility. Customers can use the configurator to view clear and valuable information on our products, and we’re putting it in our customers’ language so they can get the information they need.”

Hatcher added, “This online configurator is all about self-service. We want engineers to have instant access to the necessary information so they can download a Versa model and get back to their work.”

About Versa Products
For more than 70 years, Versa Products Co., Inc. has been an expert in valve automation and fluid power and a partner to customers when reliability is imperative. Versa provides reliability for customers in the most challenging environments and offers countless valve combinations, accessible worldwide, ensuring the best solution for each application. For more information, visit:

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