Top-5 Engineered Halloween Pranks [VIDEO]

Check out these high-tech Halloween pranks and unleash your creativity on those unsuspecting goblins!

Halloween pumpkin on a flying drone. Top-5 Engineered Halloween PranksIt’s that time of year again! The kiddos will come around in droves, dressed as Power Rangers, Princess Elsa, and Kylo Ren, looking to acquire your precious peanut butter cups and Snickers bars.

If they knock on the door and say, “trick or treat,” you gotta give up the goods.

But, if they’re scared off before they even make it through the yard…more Butterfingers for you!

There are a million ways to make a “low-tech” Halloween prank, but this year we’re going to let the machines do the work. Here are our favorite creative, engineered Halloween pranks!

Alexa the Ghost With Amazon Echo

By now you’re probably familiar with the Amazon Echo and its voice-activated personal assistant “Alexa.” It already does dozens of cool things, but every day creative coders and engineers are coming up with even cooler things it can do! Turn your Amazon Echo into a creepy ghost controlled by your voice!

Shifting Crypt Prop

This builder made a moving crypt lid using a motor from an outdoor reindeer decoration! It sounds like something Jack Skellington would do…

Creepy Clown Drone

Remember when the world lost their minds for creepy clowns a few years ago?

iPad Gaping Hole Costume

In 2011, an unknown Apple engineer named Mark Rober made a Halloween prank costume using two iPads. He cut a hole in the front and back of his clothes and attached one iPad to his stomach and one to his back. He then had the iPads FaceTime each other so it looked like he had a gaping hole in his torso. Pretty clever!

I wonder what ever happened to this Mark Rober guy. I guess we’ll never know…

Ghost Drone

If you have a drone, you can also have a horrifying, flying banshee with a skeleton face. Drop the mic, Dr. Frankenstein, you just won the Halloween prank war!

Monster Hand Candy Bowl

This is the “set-it-and-forget-it” of Halloween pranks. It can be done low-tech by cutting a big hole in the bottom of a plastic punch bowl and waiting for an unsuspecting goblin to reach for the candy. As soon as they grab a Kit Kat…gotcha! They’re scared outta their skin!

The zombie hand does all that, but in more of a Ron Popeil sort of way. It has a motion sensor that triggers a robotic hand when an unsuspecting visitor gets too close!

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