This Electric Violin Lady will Blow Your Mind – Plus: The World’s Smallest Violin

British Lady Named Lettuce Rocks out on Electric Violin

This Electric Violin Lady will Blow Your MindThere are many interesting (strange?) aspects of this video. First, the lady’s name is Lettuce. Yes, Lettuce like the salad, not Lucy or Alice or Lattice…Lettuce. She is also kind-of a goofball, wearing what looks to be an entire honey-badger over her shoulders. I believe this is all part of her master plan, to disarm Simon Cowell before she begins to play. The ploy works, just when you think she’s wasting our time she starts playing and blows the audience away!

Bonus Footage: The world’s smallest violin. You know when somebody is whining, and to be a jerk one of their friends rubs their fingers together? They are miming that they are playing a sad-song on the world’s smallest violin.Watch this guy play a REAL sad song on the world’s smallest violin!


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