The World's Fastest R/C Car Will Leave Your Ride in the Dust

99.99% of us will never have the opportunity to participate in a land speed run at El Mirage or Bonneville. Most of us won’t even get to take a ride in a car capable of 200 mph, like a Ferrari Enzo or a Bugatti Veyron, let alone drive one at speed. If you’re of simple means but still seek the thrill of controlling a vehicle at 200 mph, there’s still hope.

Nic Case solves this problem with a little orange bullet. Nic has an official Guinness World Record for the Fastest Battery-Powered RC Car named the “R/C Bullet” that reached an impressive 188 mph, breaking his standing record of 171.96 mph. The car was built from the ground up by Nic and features a unique drive system and a body that was designed using a wind tunnel to have high-downforce and low drag.


The engineering and design challenges are very similar to those facing “life size” land speed cars, power, weight and air resistance (drag) all factor into the speed potential of this battery powered dynamo. The conditions must be perfect, including air temperature humidity and wind. If wind is too high, land speed records normally don’t count. To  remove any benefit from the track or other externalities, record certifiers will take an average of several runs, sometimes going both directions on the track. Check out the video of Nic’s run at 188 mph…but don’t blink.

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Adam Beck

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