Swiss Jetman Conquers Mt. Fuji with a Carbon-Fiber Bat Wing

Swiss Jetman Conquers Mt. Fuji with a Carbon-Fiber Bat Wing

If craziness were measured in nickels and dimes, this guy would be Scrooge McDuck.  Yves Rossy is a Swiss dare-devil who you may know by his pseudonyms as “the Airman”, “Jetman” or “Rocketman.”

Yves comes by his nicknames honestly.

Recently the Jetman flew around Mt. Fuji with nothing more than a wafer of carbon-fiber strapped to his back-side. Don’t worry Mom – he was wearing his helmet. I’m not sure what the head-gear is good for, other than keeping bugs out of his teeth. I mean – he’s going 189 mph and leading with his face!


Launched from a height of 7,500 feet and reaching an altitude of more than 12,000 feet, the Jetman is a true one-of-a-kind. Watch Yves fly a 9 mile loop of Mt. Fuji before safely returning safely to earth via his super-cool Breitling sponsored parachute. 

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