The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks

Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels have been around since the 50’s and 60’s respectively. Children for the last 60 years have been launching them off the couch, shooting them down the stairs and occasionally blowing them up with a stray fire cracker.

“Sorry Mom, I have NO IDEA what happened to that VW Beetle, it must have been a freak lightning storm in the basement!”


As a kid who used to have dozens of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, I can appreciate the time, engineering and creativity it takes to design a track of this magnitude. I thought it was pretty cool to build tracks for hundreds of feet, I never imagined building one for thousands of feet. I can assure you there are many hours of precision work to make sure every piece is perfectly aligned.

The track goes through jumps, loops, up vertical walls, down stairs and even outside and around the house. It keeps momentum by utilizing “Boosters” as opposed to having to stay on a downhill slope (these were not available when I was a kid – I’m pretty bummed about that). My favorite part is when the car goes around the outdoor pool, off a jump, over a fountain and into a big funnel, where it is safely deposited back on the track. Well done!

Check out the 2000+ foot long track this Father and Son team created to generate awareness for their charity,

“Hope For Gabe” is a charitable organization founded to fight “Duchenne Muscular Distrophy” by building awareness and generating funds for research. The video has more than 4.5M views already!

If you are interested please visit the site to learn more. It’s for a good cause!


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