The Final Showdown – Using the Excel Template – Marketing Budget Calculator


So, you think you’re ready for that final showdown with the CFO? Is your budget presentation so air-tight that the CFO is going to be as excited about the 2013 plan as you are? Showing target sales and ROI for future items is a great ace up your sleeve when the boss asks the tough questions. Follow the process below and create a more complete snapshot of your marketing plan.

To this point you have graded past marketing initiatives and created realistic sales goals for future marketing items. Now, it’s necessary to rough in the budget categories based on your overall marketing budget, in this case $200,000.

“The great part about the 10-minute marketing budget calculator is, it’s scalable. It works if you have a $200,000 marketing budget just the same as it works if you have a $2,000,000 budget.”


To effectively create a marketing budget, it works best to start with the overall amount and break it down into the smaller categories. By using the 10-minute marketing eBook and template this process is greatly simplified. Categories are given value as a percentage of the overall budget; the dollar value is then automatically calculated.

By entering the target cost/sales ratio, “sales targets” and “expected ROI” are automatically generated, but can be adjusted based on the ratio. These figures are essential when presenting a marketing budget to the CEO and CFO, when the return on investment.

Get the 10 Minute Marketing Budget Calculator and eBook with step-by-step instructions.

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Adam Beck

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