The Best Super Bowl Ads 2014 Featuring STEM Tech: Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Super Bowl Commercials 2014 Science and Technology Highlighted for Super Bowl XLVIII

This year, even more than most, the commercials provided the true entertainment for the big football event of the year. Often times, technology is featured to create the commercials when it’s used to make monkeys sing or babies talk. This year CGI was used to make Danica Patrick look like a muscle-dude and to make menacing Doberhuahua (Doberman Chihuahua hybreds).

We prefer when technology is the centerpiece of the Super Bowl ad. In 2014 there were two ads which we thought were super-cool and highlighted tech in a meaningful way.

Duracell: Trust Your Power – Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks

This spot is really cool. Derrick Coleman has been deaf since the age of three. He’d been counted out since a young age, where was always picked last on the playground and ultimately went undrafted to the NFL. Focusing his determination and utilizing the ever improving technology of hearing aids and their batteries he has vaulted himself onto the Seattle Seahawks and an appearance at the Super Bowl. We think Duracell did a great job of illustrating a relevant and meaningful use of their product and technology – even if they didn’t feature a yogurt eating grizzly bear!

Microsoft: Empowering Us All

This is another great job of highlighting how technology is improving the lives of people, this time by Microsoft. This ad features several stories, beginning with a young boy who can walk and play baseball, with help of CAD designed prosthetic legs. Then, a doctor using an X-Box Kinect to manipulate an X-ray and medical imaging. It also demonstrates how people who were once considered “impaired” can now live better lives, allowing a blind man to paint digitally and helping a Dad with ALS to speak. Microsoft could have gone over-the-top, but they didn’t, they told a great story with a great message.

“Technology has given hope to the hopeless, and a voice to the voiceless.”

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