Standard 3D Parts – Boeing 747 Precision Beach Landing

As the weather begins to cool off through much of the US, we begin to daydream of beaches in the Caribbean. Thinking of relaxing on the white sand along the azure water, with an umbrella drink in our hand, 80 degree weather and a slight breeze, it’s almost impossible to NOT nod off to sleep…

Unless you have a Boeing 747 landing a mere 40 feet over your head!

It’s like an elephant rollerblading on an ironing board in an obstacle course!

There’s nothing like pushing the limits of engineering possibilities. These pilots have made a science of landing a 747 on a beachfront landing strip in the tiny island of St.Martin (Saint Maartin).

747 fun facts – standard 3D parts:

How many parts are in a 747? 6 Million – half of which are fasteners
How much tubing is in a 747? 5 miles
How much wiring is in a 747? 171 miles

CADENAS PARTsolutions has worked with Boeing for a long time, and we never cease to be amazed at their precision control of such immense machines. Boeing uses CADENAS PARTsolutions software to organize another huge machine, their engineering team and their vast inventory of standard 3D parts for their products. With thousands of engineers working at facilities all over the country, standard CAD parts accessibility is essential to maintain design consistency and continuity.

Learn more about how Boeing saves millions by using CADENAS PARTsolutions standard 3D parts software 

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