Sochi Olympics – PARTsolutions Team Flying High with the Women of the US Ski Jump Team


2014 is the first year for Women to participate in the Olympic Ski jump at the games in Sochi, Russia. PARTsolutions VP of Sales, Brady Teter was lucky enough to catch a flight with the team, and get some of the inside story on the US Ski Jump Team.


Brady Teter with Abby Hughes, Jessica Jerome and Sarah Hendrickson of the Women’s US Ski Jump Team. Learn more about the women’s ski jump team.

As they descend the slope they are in an aerodynamic, tuck position, traveling at more than 60 mph. When they launch they then use their body and skis to “glide” for the longest possible distance. More on the women’s ski jump.


This is where the women have an advantage over the men, with a lighter frame they can have more hang-time and go for longer distances. Although they are only 15 or so feet off the surface of the hill, they can travel more than 300 feet .

The team will be judged on their technique as well the measured distance, making their flight position and landing crucial elements of the competition.



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Adam Beck

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