Shooting the Loop! Re-enacting childhood matchbox car fantasies

Honestly, this clip has ALL of the essential elements to make up a pretty awesome video feature.

  1. An outrageous idea based on a children’s toy – Apparently daredevils in England are going back to their roots, hatching a plan to drive a real car on a built-to-scale loop-de-loop, lust like the Hot Wheels tracks we all had as kids. We can’t wait to see the life size “Hungry Hungry Hippos!”
  2. Extreme engineering – Not only is the actual 40 foot loop a feat of engineering, but this team also consulted Dr. Hugh Hunt, a professor of Engineering at Cambridge University. Dr. Hunt determined the ideal speed to travel the loop safely, but also brought to light the extreme G-forces exerted on the driver’s body. Thank you Scientist!
  3. A dangerous stunt performed with a clown-car – Sure these guys could use any car in the world, but they choose to use a little yellow Nissan shaped like a beach ball!

But, will he make it?! Check out this amazing video from Fifth Gear


The X-Games decided to up the ante with a DOUBLE LOOP! (and pro-built rally cars)



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