Sand Flea Jumping Car!

Part of our Series: Crazy Cool Stuff from Around the Web – This post comes to us from some our favorite creative engineers at Boston Dynamics. The “Sand Flea” robot looks like an ordinary remote control car, but this little baby packs a punch. Outfitted with a CO2 powered piston and lever system, the Sand Flea launches itself 30 feet into the air.

Designed to aide the US military with information gathering missions, this little robot was designed for the Army’s “Rapid Equipping Force”. When combined with a specially stabilized video camera, the Sand Flea can reach places more quickly, quietly and safely that it’s human counterparts. The video stabilization feature not only allows the unit to capture high quality video while travelling rough terrain, but also while in flight with the assist of an internal gyroscope.

We applaud Boston Dynamics and the Sand Flea for this fantastic piece of creative engineering!

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Adam Beck

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