Product Configuration Checklist for the Best Online Product Catalog Experience

Fact #1 – Most companies with configurable parts have come to the realization:

“My customer wants to download
and configure our parts before they buy

In many cases, unless your business has been really leading the curve, you have yet to select and implement an online product catalog system.

Product Configuration Checklist

Fact #2 – Many manufacturers are coming to realize:

If I don’t offer downloads of my products online,
my competitor will (or already has).”

So, time is of the essence here; when customers download a product for their engineering project, they purchase that part 85% of the time. Don’t believe it? See the study here. Every day your products are not online is more sales for your competition. It’s that simple.

Your customers have a choice, they can get the product models the hard way, by drawing themselves or asking your engineers to create for them. Or, they can download from the “other guys” site.

See how Misumi drives sales with the world’s largest online catalog by PARTsolutions.

“But, don’t we already have an online product catalog?”

If you have to ask, then you probably don’t have a digital product catalog (PDF’s of your paper catalog don’t count). Your company may have selected an online product catalog platform but it just isn’t meeting expectations for one reason or another. Maybe it offers only a few CAD download formats, so some engineers are pleased while others are left out. Maybe the vendor is no longer servicing the platform, making it impossible to add or modify products.

product catalog

You can spend another day thinking about your product catalog system or you can begin finding the solution.

“If only there was an easy to use checklist to simplify my search”

There are many product configuration options and each has their own interface, features and options; wading through the information can be a challenge. You need to know what questions to ask and what features to look for. Take the guesswork out of the process, and use this product configuration checklist to streamline your product catalog selection.

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