PHD Enhances Electronic Parts Catalog with myPHD User Dashboard

PHD Enhances Electronic Parts Catalog with myPHD User Dashboard

myPHD Interface Provides Volumes of Product and Download Data for PHD Users


Cincinnati, OH and Fort Wayne, IN – Sept 4, 2014 – PHD Inc. has expanded their electronic parts catalog to provide in-depth product, user history and download information for their users. Built upon the CADENAS PARTsolutions eCATALOGsolutions platform, the interactive online catalog enables users to configure, download and specify the exact PHD part they need.

PHD is building upon their electronic parts catalog success, and working to achieve the ultimate Digital Customer Experience (DCX) by providing a wide selection of new features which make life much easier for their users.

PHD Enhances Electronic Parts Catalog with myPHD User Dashboard


Digital Customer Experience (DCX) focuses on usability, speed of navigation and information

PHD believes it’s not enough to provide great products, great service and great support.  Customers demand the ability to access the data they need while working on their schedule. This is the foundation of DCX, empowering customers with digital tools while easing demands on internal customer support staff. The new myPHD user dashboard adds many features which are commonly requested by engineers and designers.

PHD Enhances Electronic Parts Catalog with myPHD User Dashboard


“We have volumes of information that our users not only want, but need, to make their jobs easier,” says Steve Gilliom, Vice President of Information Technology at PHD Inc.  “We continue  to improve the experience of doing business with PHD.  This includes providing a history of what the user downloaded in the past for quick reference or so they could add a feature or option and get a new CAD model from what they did last month. We’re also educating them by helping to explain the breakdown of what the Xth digit in the ordering data means. This helps them to quickly find a replacement part if needed.  Most importantly, myPHD helps to connect the user with our distributors for additional information and where they can purchase.  This saves the customer, distributor and PHD time by having the information at the user’s fingertips.”

 PHD Enhances Electronic Parts Catalog with myPHD User Dashboard


MyPHD Features: The myPHD user dashboard provides a wide selection of information to registered users.

  • Detailed parts search
  • Product download history
  • Part number breakdown
  • Ability for users to revisit and modify previous product confugurations
  • Reverse part number lookup
  • Find replacement parts
  • Request a Quote
  • Distributor suggestions
  • Sizing / Load product selection assistance including:
    • Part travel
    • Part load
    • Travel time
    • Inlet pressure
    • Cycle rate

PHD Enhances Electronic Parts Catalog with myPHD User Dashboard


“PHD has gone above and beyond to meet their customer’s needs, and that is what delivering a powerful digital customer experience all is about,” says Jay Hopper, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions. “PHD is answering the requests they hear on a regular basis, and anticipating data their customers will need in the future. This is the type of investment which will ensure their customers return again and again.”

About PHD Inc.

PHD Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators to help companies across all industries optimize their manufacturing processes. Products include clamps, cylinders, powered slides, rotary actuators, multi-motion actuators, grippers, escapements, and switches and sensors. These automation components are versatile and can be used independently for fixturing or tooling, in a modular fashion for building pick-and-place devices, or can be built as customized units to meet specific application needs. PHD products, supported by a strong commitment to delivery, service, and customer support have made PHD a leader in industrial automation. Learn more at 

About CADENAS PARTsolutions

CADENAS PARTsolutions is a leading provider of next generation 3D part catalog management and sales configuration solutions. For large manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides centralized 3D standard part catalogs making it easy for global design teams to find, reuse, and control standard and proprietary parts. For component manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides 3D product catalogs with CAD download technology to increase sales lead generation and to ensure that components get “designed in” to OEM products.

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Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.