PLM Parts Catalog: PARTsolutions Enables Siemens NX Users to “Check-In” and Search SAP PLM

PLM Parts Catalog: PARTsolutions Enables Siemens NX Users to “Check-In” and Search SAP PLM

New interface helps Siemens NX users search and store their files with SAP PLM supply chain management.


So, you’ve been considering PARTsolutions supply chain management for quite some time now, but you’re one of those whiz-bang engineer-types that has all of the coolest tools and apps. You think we can’t hang, especially with everything you’re looking to throw at it.

You’re all like, “Pshh. I have a SAP PLM system that I use to handle my Siemens NX CAD files. Ain’t no way they can help me!” …and you were so wrong.

PARTsolutions has a new SAP PLM integration into the Siemens NX CAD System

Now , designers and engineers can easily deploy Siemens NX CAD models of standard parts from their PARTsolutions supply chain management interface and the part will instantly be checked into the SAP PLM system.

Don’t take my word for it! We’ve got German super-engineers that’ll do the convincing!


Forever Avoid Duplicates in your PLM Parts Catalog

The Strategic Parts Management system  from CADENAS PARTsolutions, helps engineers and purchasers to find, reduce and manage standard, supplier and internal standard parts, using a simple interface. Using PARTsolutions, NX users have access to 3D CAD models from more than 600 certified manufacturer catalogs. When importing 3D CAD models from PARTsolutions into NX, duplicate copies are now effectively avoided due to the automatic “checking in” of components in SAPTM PLM. When a component is necessary for a design in NX it is not created again by PARTsolutions, but directly uploaded from the SAP system. This optimized process helps to reduce the number of redundant parts in the library.

PLM Parts Catalog PARTsolutions Enables Siemens NX Users to

Additionally, the software allows designs to be managed reliably in SAPTM and to be classified efficiently. A SAP key number is created in PARTsolutions, and attributes can then automatically be saved in NX and SAP.

Need to find parts? Finding components as easy as pie with the Geo Search

PLM Parts Catalog PARTsolutions Enables Siemens NX Users to

When searching for a part, the PARTsolutions PLM parts catalog system helps NX users by way of it’s Geometric Similarity Search or “GEOsearch”. This tool looks for components and compares their CAD geometries. Starting with any reference part or a rough sketch of the 3D model, all existing CAD components of the parts database can be browsed as with a search engine. The result is a ranking list of 3D CAD parts that are geometrically most similar to the desired part.


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