PARTsolutions Announces Japanese CADENAS Web2cad Business Unit

Cincinnati, Ohio USA, Augsburg, Germany & Tokyo, Japan – October 16, 2007 –
CADENAS Technologies AG, world leading provider of 3D digital catalog publishing and standard parts management solutions announces the formation of its subsidiary, CADENAS Web2cad, Inc., located in Tokyo, Japan. With this new subsidiary, CADENAS expands its excellent global market position in the Asian marketplace.

PARTsolutions® LLC, the Americas operation of CADENAS, will benefit from enhanced worldwide adoption of CADENAS software technologies and services; its standard parts management customers will have access to 3D enabled Japanese supplier catalogs and its suppliers will receive exposure to design engineers in Japan.

CADENAS Web2cad will market PARTsolutions and eCATALOGsolutions products and services to Japanese customers and prospective customers.

“CADENAS provides long term, strategic solutions, and the best services for our customers. With constant innovations, we will provide the best 3D catalog publishing and standard part management solutions available,” commented Mr. Yoshio Ueda, President of CADENAS web2cad Inc.

“We chose to form a relationship with CADENAS after a thorough review of technologies available in the worldwide marketplace,” said Mr. Ueda. “CADENAS demonstrated an exceptional understanding of standard part management, techniques, quality and a unique marketing advantage. CADENAS has proven its viability through 15 successful years of service to its customers and the marketplace.”

“This is a big step forward in achieving our goals of globalization, which is an extensive added value for our worldwide Customers. Because of the domain knowledge and the professionalism of our Japanese
colleagues, the CADENAS software solutions will be established within the shortest time to market possible,” explains Juergen Heimbach, CEO, CADENAS Technologies AG.

Supplier Catalog Publishing Solutions

PARTsolutions cross-media publishing allows suppliers to publish 3D digital catalogs for access via online catalogs, CD-ROM, printed catalogs and desktop enterprise solutions. PARTsolutions sales tools
provide suppliers with 24×7 access to specific information about prospects and customers downloading their products. PARTsolutions marketing programs introduce suppliers directly to hundreds of thousands of prospective customers with immediate needs. Suppliers have the option to include their catalogs in the Google 3D Warehouse, as well as their own website and other public and private portals.

Enterprise Solutions

PARTsolutions provides the entire supply chain with repeatable methodologies for Intelligent Parts Management comprised of optimized processes for part consolidation, standardization, interchangeability and design reuse. PARTsolutions enterprise users benefit from a collaborative supplier/OEM relationship delivered through digital catalog publishing technologies and services.

The business benefits realized by PARTsolutions clients result in tighter integration with their suppliers, increased profitability, and customer
satisfaction. Users access CAD native supplier parts directly on their desktop, with available integrations to ERP and PLM solutions.

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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.